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5 Kenner Towing Secrets You Never Knew

Finding a one stop Kenner towing company is essential for every motorist and even the commuting public. Knowing that you have an accredited and expert tow truck drivers you can immediately call is very assuring, especially when you’re always on the road.


But did you know that towing companies also provide different services aside from moving or relocating vehicles? Here are some of the services you can also ask them for help, especially during emergencies.


Towing Companies also Deliver Fuel

Have you ever experienced running out of fuel while driving? Well, the majority of the drivers may have experienced this once or twice, and it’s nothing new. It’s also easy to resolve especially if there’s a gas station nearby. However, what if there’s no gas station neaby?


Well, get help from your trusted Kenner towing company. Yes, these companies don't only help you move your car, but they can also help you drive your car by delivering fuel to your location. So, the next time you get stranded out of nowhere, don’t forget to speed dial your trusted towing service provider.


Tire Change Services

It’s not easy to change a flat tire especially if you don’t have the complete tools. There are companies that exclusively provide vehicle tire changing services. However, wouldn’t it be great to just call one number for all your vehicle needs and roadside emergencies?


And here’s a secret. Towing service providers also help motorists change their tires 24/7. Expert tow drivers are also mechanics, or they also have expert mechanics in their team. It’s important because they’re dealing with vehicles all the time. So, tires and other vehicle parts must always be in great shape, even when it’s being towed.

Off-road Recovery

Literally being stuck in the mud or snow is difficult, and that’s not even an exaggeration. Overestimating your vehicle’s capacity to travel on uneven and unpaved roads can be risky and dangerous. That’s why if you think you really can’t move or drive it on your own, then don’t hesitate to call a towing company.


Remember that off-road recovery often requires a particular towing vehicle. So, don’t spare any detail when reporting about your issue. Make sure to inform the experts of where you are and what you think you need so that they can assess the problem on their end.


Long-distance Towing

Another service that Kenner towing companies also provide is long-distance towing. It could be moving a vehicle to another city or state. Depending on the distance, the majority of these businesses offer this service, so don’t hesitate to ask them.


Also, make sure to be specific when asking for a quote. Most companies price long-distance vehicle transfer depending on the distance. So, details matters.


Junk Car Towing

Have you or a family member’s car involved in an accident? You can also ask for help and advice from your insurer and their listed towing company. If you think that the car’s still repairable, then you can advise them to tow it to your preferred mechanic.


However, towing of junk cars can also be done by these companies. Other companies also have their junk areas where you can relocate your vehicle or even sell it to them. If you have a vehicle which hasn't been used for a long time or car body that’s not in use, it can also be removed by this type of company.


Also, some of these companies already have mobile apps that you can download so that you can immediately reach them. Remember, in choosing a car towing company, convenience is the key for emergencies. So, find a service provider that you can reach 24/7.