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5 Things You should Ask Your Towing Company

Having a trusted towing company is essential for every vehicle owner. It’s an important part in making sure that they have an expert team they can call every time they need help and assistance emergencies on the road. However, how to know if you have chosen the right company? Here are the questions you should ask them.


1. Are accredited with your car insurance?


Always remember that towing prices vary and depend on a lot of factors. So, make sure that their service is certified or they are a listed partner by your car insurer. This will save you a lot of money especially if the majority of their services are covered by your insurer. That’s really a total and significant savings on your part.


2. Are they available even on holidays?


Let’s face it; we travel a lot during the weekend or the holidays to spend quality time with our family or friends. Therefore, when faced with a road emergency during this time, all we want to do is resolve it and enjoy the remaining hours of the day.


So, make sure to have a towing company that’s available and ready to help you 24/7. Having a reliable company is one thing, but having someone, you can call to any time and anywhere is another and most important thing.


3. Do they provide other roadside assistance?


Towing isn’t the only solution you’ll need if ever you’ll face issues while on the road. It could be that you’ll need help to jump start your vehicle or you’ll need to open your car door from the outside because you accidentally left your car keys inside. Whichever of these issues you may face, make sure to ask for the company’s services regarding this issues.


4. Do they provide long-haul towing?


You may need a long haul towing if, for example, you want to transfer your car from another state. Though not everyone will need this, but it’s important to be prepared in every situation, right?


5. Do I need to have my own equipment?


Some may have prepared their own equipment, especially those who have anticipated for this kind of situation. However, the majority of the companies who move cars often have and prefer to use their own equipment, and this is a good thing. This means that they do not only have a great team, but they also use industry-standard equipment for safety purposes.


So, do you have anything else that you ask your towing provider? If yes, then don’t forget to share your thoughts!