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4 Types of Tow Truck New Orleans You Need to Know


It’s easy to identify a tow truck on the street without knowing the what type it is or the differences of these trucks from one another. Although this may seem irrelevant because all vehicles for towing have the same function, it’s still important to learn more about it.


Flatbed towing vehicle


Also known as a rollback truck, this is the most common towing vehicle that assists and attends to roadside emergencies. The majority of the vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles, are towed using this towing vehicle. You can find tow truck New Orleans companies using this towing vehicle, especially when pulling cars within the city.


It’s preferred by many businesses because of its flat top. The top allows the vehicle ample space and makes loading unloading vehicles convenient. The most important part of this towing truck is its hydraulic system that helps in securing the car on top by smoothing the ramp.


Hook and chain tow truck


This is also known as the belt lift or sling truck. Another conventional truck used by towing companies, many people picture this when talking about tow trucks. However, as much as possible, avoid towing your truck with a hook and chain. It has been reported to apply a lot of pressure on the vehicle.


It's mechanism works by looping a chain around the frame of the vehicle. Then, the chain is drawn up by a boom attached to the truck. As such, there are only two wheels on the ground which can be a risk to the car. That’s why it’s best to request for this type of tow truck when you’re only towing junk cars.


Wheel-lift tow truck

This towing vehicle has a similar mechanism to the hook and chain. However, tow truck New Orleans companies use metal yoke instead of chains which are considered to be less risky to the car. It works by attaching the metal yoke on the front wheels of the vehicle. The car gets suspended by a hydraulic lift to be able to move it.


The hydraulic lift is said to help in lessening the pressure on the car which allows it to be safer. The majority of those who want to save from car towing prefer to choose this method because it’s still cheaper compared to flatbed towing vehicle.


Integrated Tow Truck

This towing truck is more expensive than a flatbed because it’s a specialized truck for the heavy-duty purpose. Also knows as the self-loading wrecker, the mechanism is powered by hydraulic technology. Once near the back side of the vehicle, a stinger or the arm of the truck lays flat on the pavement. The stinger then leads the back wheels to the edge and cradles the car. Another type of integrated tow truck also uses an extra axle to gain stability.


It’s clear that knowing the difference between tow truck helps us to find the best tow truck New Orleans company for different vehicles. Again, for heavy-duty towing, such as buses and RVs, it’s best to ask for an integrated tow truck. For towing cars, motorcycles, and other small vehicles, you can also choose from the remaining options, depending on your budget.