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5 Things New Orleans Towing You Should Know

1. Car Safety


One your car is being towed, make sure that you’ve called your trusted local towing company and they know the weight of your vehicle to ensure its safety during the move. Once your car is moved, then you must ask for the exact location where it will be moved. This is important so that you’ll know where to go to and who to look for.


2. Car Towing Procedure Options


There are different ways that companies will tow your car. One of this is by using a flatbed or a hook vehicle moving the truck. You can also ask if they have a two-wheel moving option which includes two dollies which will be attached to your car, it will then be pulled and will then move your car to the location where it is supposed to be.


Another option is a flat towing service. In this method, all the four wheels of your car will touch the ground. A hook will then be placed on the front of your vehicle, and the hook will be attached to the back of the truck that will pull it into traffic and move it to another location.


3. What happens to my valuables inside my car?


Your personal belongings inside your car will be surrendered to the police. You will then have 15 days to recover the items from their possession. If you aren't able to get your items from them within these days, then you will have to pay for the storage fee of the items.


If the there are no police involved in the process, then you’re valuables will remain inside your vehicle. No one is allowed to open your car without the presence of the police or your presence.


4. Will it be difficult to tow my car with a manual transmission?


With the expert New Orleans towing companies, every car can be towed safely. There is no difference or no easier or more difficult car to tow when it comes to the transmission. The only thing that makes a difference is the weight of the vehicle and the distance.


5. Are there any regulations that I need to consider?  

Yes, there are rules that you need to think about in terms of towing cars within states. It is important to ask your towing provider about these especially if you are going to have a long haul.